The biggest bonfire in the world


To see the world’s largest bonfire, you’ll have to visit Ålesund in Norway, where wooden pallets are stacked over 40 meters high to form a giant bonfire. All this takes place at the annual festival commemorating the birth of John the Baptist. The day is celebrated on June 24th (during the summer solstice) in Scandinavian countries and other parts of Europe.

the biggest fire

In Ålesund, the traditional bonfire, known as the Slinningsbalet, is brought to its maximum size. In 2010, the record was set for the tallest bonfire at 40.45 meters. The previous mark was at 37.84 meters, set in 1993. The base of the structure is about 20 meters wide.

the biggest fire
Approximately 30-40 people take part in the assembly and lighting of the structure, then someone must climb to the top to light it. If the fire does not burn from top to bottom, things can end up pretty badly.

Be sure to watch the video to get the full picture of this crazy event.