TOP 5 best suitcases for travel


Online stores offer customers suitcases from a wide variety of materials and a wide variety of capacity and design: plastic, textiles, natural and artificial leather. All of them are designed to pack luggage: whether it’s a modest one-day picnic or a long trip.

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 travel suitcases

1. The semi-rigid Cove suitcase is made of ABS plastic and has an aluminum frame. It is light, bulky, water resistant, has 360-degree rotating wheels and a retractable carrying handle, a wide side leather handle for carrying luggage. The combination lock will prevent accidental opening of the suitcase, there is a choice of sizes. The disadvantages include possible scratches and fragility of the material, the general style. But if you allow yourself to dress like the heroine of the movie Me Before You, travel with children or often lose luggage, then you can not do without a bright yellow Sapphire suitcase.

2. The unusual Eagle Creek backpack suitcase is a good companion for mountain and urban backpacking trips. It is useful when you need to pack small luggage and at the same time you prefer to have your hands free.
The model has a shoulder strap, and is also equipped with adjustable backpack straps that are hidden in one of the compartments. Numerous handles make it easy to transport. The suitcase-backpack is compact and can be transported as hand luggage. The material is durable, wear-resistant, not afraid of scratches and bad weather. The main compartment opens like a suitcase, the front compartment provides access to small items, and is also suitable for a 15″ laptop. Carabiners allow you to attach the backpack itself or attach additional bags or accessories to it. The suitcase looks youthful, but it lacks the ergonomics of a travel backpack and roominess.
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3. Universal travel luggage Samsonite on non-marking wheels and increased volume. Lightweight, durable textile suitcase that is easy to clean and mid-range. Even if there is free space in the luggage when placing it, all your souvenirs and purchases will fit there on the way back. Wheels guarantee convenience and maneuverability. Rigid internal base, hydrophobic and durable material (400D nylon), exceptional convenience of internal organization (numerous meshes, pockets, belts). Standard sizes, which can also be selected depending on the planned amount of luggage, allow you to use popular decorative covers if necessary. The question is only to the plastic teeth of the zippers, which indicate a limitation in the weight of the clothes that can be accommodated. But they are constantly being improved by the manufacturer.
On our portal you can find out reviews about the durability of models and travel products of the Samsonite and American Tourister budget collections.

4. Luxury Ghurka leather suitcase. The number of models is limited, but they meet all the requirements for modern products: strength, high-quality material (calfskin), recessed wheels, metal fittings, strong brass clasp. This suitcase will last for several generations, but it is more of a branded executive item. The capacity and weight of the suitcase means you’ll have to pay extra to the airlines for extra weight, but the fashion for expensive vintage suitcases doesn’t go away either. A significant drawback: the price is inferior only to the T.Anthony and Louis Vuitton luggage bags beloved by the Windsors.
For our part, we will help you find contacts for dealer stores of branded items, choose products of well-known brands or individual craftsmen, without overpaying for a beautiful product.

5. A set of ordinary simple inexpensive Merax suitcases without flashy fittings. Universal inexpensive set for family travel. The material is not inferior in strength to other models made of polyester. For a single trip, you can choose several bags of a suitable size, fold them into a “matryoshka” for storage. Possible disadvantages are covered by the opportunity to save the budget reserved for visiting attractions, national restaurants and spontaneous purchases.

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