Best Folding Knives 2022


Best Folding Knives 2022

A pocket knife is the dream of every man. With it, you can cut vegetables and open a tin can. Komsomolskaya Pravda has prepared its top 10 best folding knives of the 2022 season
Best Folding Knives 2022
The best folding knives. Photo:

Despite the common stereotype that folding knives are exclusively for hunters and fishermen, many young people who do not belong to these groups enjoy using pocket knives. This is due to their convenience and functionality. Based on these two factors, we have prepared our rating of the best folding knives.

Top 10 rating according to KP

1. Kershaw Launch 8

Kershaw Launch 8. Photo:

Very beautiful knife, produced in various color variations. Suitable for any, even formal, suit. Lightweight, graceful. The blade ends with a thin, almost needle-like tip. It will be very convenient for them to cut something, pick it up.

The clip for carrying is rearranged both under right-handers, and under left-handers.

Pros and cons

Light weight, fine workmanship
Not suitable for heavy work

2. Benchmade Bugout

Benchmade bugout. Photo:

A small and thin knife that will cope well with everyday tasks. Since this year, it has been produced in various color versions and in mini format. Light weight (about 50 grams) allows you to wear it both on a belt, behind which it will be completely invisible, and on pants or shorts without a belt.

The structure of the knife makes it easy to blow through or wash the mechanisms, which will increase the life of the knife. The blade, at the expense of supplies from the butt and descents already to the very tip, cuts very well. The axis mechanism gives room for variation with opening methods.

Pros and cons

Light weight, easy to use, suitable for women
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3. Spyderco Tenacious

Spyderco Tenacious. Photo:

One of the world market leaders in terms of sales. An updated version of the classic model, with a lighter handle. A budget knife for work, which, due to its low price, is not a pity to use for applied purposes.

The handle design allows you to hold the knife with any grip and with both hands. Spyderco’s signature round hole on the blade encourages the wearer to learn how to open the blade with all five fingers of both hands.

Pros and cons

Reliability, ease of use
Relatively large weight

4. Mr. Blade Mad Cap

Mr. Blade Madcap. Photo:

This knife is very popular among users, largely due to its simplicity. Professionals say that this is absolutely a starter level, but, nevertheless, it is a good choice for those who are just starting to get into blades.

As a folding knife, it is definitely good, however, as for a balisong (butterfly knife), there are complaints about its design. It does not open very conveniently, it can hit the fingers.

Pros and cons

Thick blade, well fixed in the hand
Lack of a spring on the lock, hard to open, no clip for wearing

5. Cold Steel T-Lite 6 Kris

Cold Steel T-Lite 6 Kris. Photo:

Limited model by Lynn Thompson with laser engraving of his autograph on the blade. The blade is made in an unusual kris shape, which sends us back to the Landsknecht era. The beauty of this knife makes it debatable whether it can be used in everyday life, but it will definitely decorate any collection.

Unlike the classic T-Lite models, designed for stabbing movements, this knife, thanks to its unusual shape, is much more convenient to cut. The tip, which in previous models often bent and broke off, is reinforced.

Pros and cons

Unusual blade shape, cuts well
Too big for pocket carry

6 Kershaw Dividend

Kershaw Dividend. Photo:

The composite blade makes this knife valuable to collectors, but that’s no reason to put it on the shelf right away. Light weight, blade thinness (about 2 mm) and high cutting qualities make it very useful in daily use.

The handle lies well in the hand, the rear flap has slots for blowing. The opening mechanism is automatic, which makes ejection of the blade very easy, not requiring even minimal effort. The shape of the blade and handle make sharpening easier.

Pros and cons

Strong blade, light weight, comfortable shape
The automatic mechanism may fail

7.Zero Tolerance ZT0357

Zero Tolerance ZT0357. Photo:

A very popular model that continues the tradition of the successful 350 series from Zero Tolerance. High quality materials make this knife one of the most valuable in our ranking of the best folding knives. In concept, it is very similar to the previous knife on our list. He explains this by the fact that both knives are produced by firms of the same concern.

This model is a product of the «luxury» line, which explains the higher price. Unlike the Kershaw Dividend model, the blade is treated with a stone-wash technique that protects the blade from scratches.

Pros and cons

High-quality materials, treated against transient wear
Unreasonably high price

8. NOX «Avatar»

NOX Avatar. Photo:

The alloy steel of the blade makes it unpretentious for any conditions of use. The ricasso recess on the handle allows you to firmly hold the knife in both forward and reverse grips.

An excellent auxiliary tool, the light weight of which (just over 200 grams) allows you to take it with you on long hikes in nature.

Pros and cons

Light weight, strong and unpretentious blade, can be held with any grip
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9. Opinel Tradition Classic Stainless Steel #10

Opinel Tradition Classic Stainless Steel #10. Photo:

No rating of the best folding knives can do without the products of the French company Opinel. These knives have been delighting consumers with their reliability and low prices for many years.

The system of fastening the blade with a clutch securely holds the knife in both the closed and open positions. Swedish steel is distinguished by its anti-corrosion properties. But unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the wooden handle — it can swell from moisture. Therefore, you should take care of this issue in advance and soak the handle with oil. Or carefully protect the knife from moisture.

Pros and cons

Low price, stainless blade, reliable and easy opening/closing mechanism
Moisture sensitive handle

10. GANZO Firebird F740

GANZO Firebird F740. Photo:

A very popular budget model. At the same time, it cannot be called cheap for sure — a thick, strong blade allows you to actively work with a knife even with strong metal objects. Many pierce certain materials with it, hitting the butt of the knife with a heavy object.

The inexpensive 440C steel that the blade is made of dulls quickly, so the blade will need to be sharpened frequently, and working in wet conditions can lead to rust on the metal.

Pros and cons

Low price, very strong blade
Moisture sensitive, dulls fairly quickly

Almost all the companies mentioned in our list of the best folding knives have a wide range of products for every taste and functionality. Prices can vary greatly depending on the materials used and even design solutions. Therefore, if you just need a good knife, you can safely go to the websites of any of the manufacturers mentioned and select the blade “for yourself”.

How to choose a folding knife

When choosing a knife, first of all, it is worth starting from the goals that it will solve for you. Based on this, you will be able to choose the length of the knife, the hardness of its blade, the steel grade and possible ways of carrying.

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If you are looking for a knife to carry in an urban environment in a jeans pocket, then it is better to stop at a maximum length of 20 centimeters. Otherwise, the carrying will cause inconvenience when walking. If you are looking for a knife for long trips to take it with you for fishing and hunting, then a length of 30 or more centimeters can justify itself with higher cutting and piercing properties.

Blade hardness

The blade, on the one hand, must be hard enough to carry the loads from impacts and work on hard materials, but, on the other hand, it must lend itself to self-sharpening. Experts advise taking blades with a hardness in the range from 56 to 59 HRC.

steel grade

For the city, again, you can limit yourself to not the most expensive, semi-stainless steel grade D2. If operation is meant in conditions of high humidity, that is, if there is a risk of falling into rain, snow, falling into a river, then it is better not to save on steel and take at least a blade made of steel 440C or AUS — 8.

Handle material

Here, too, one should build on future needs that the knife will solve. Wooden handles are more comfortable to hold, lighter and cheaper, but are susceptible to moisture. Metal ones are heavier, with loose contact with the palm there is a risk of slipping, but they are more reliable.

General structure

Folding knife in its design should be as simple as possible. The more small parts it contains, the greater the risk of breakage and clogging. The knife should be easy to disassemble, clean and blow through. This directly affects its service life.

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blade holder

This mechanism should be given special attention. First, you should make a choice — which type do you like best, fully manual or with a leading spring. The first is more reliable and completely controllable, the second allows you to eject the blade with a light touch of your finger, but may spontaneously work.