Forget Disneyland: 7 reasons to visit Efteling


Disneyland Paris isn’t the only family-friendly theme park option. An equally charming alternative is the fairy tale world of Efteling in Katsgöfel, the Netherlands. For many, a trip to a theme park can be an overwhelming experience. Firstly, it is often extremely difficult to simply get there, then find parking and a place to sleep, and also take care of buying tickets. But Efteling offers a completely different experience…

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Most parks use marketing ploys to get kids to beg their parents for overpriced toys, and the only food option is expensive themed junk food that you wouldn’t eat at home. While the rides can be exciting, the overall experience can be negative. Fortunately, Efteling takes a very different approach. Thematic offers something authentic and unique, based on traditional fairy tales and narratives, but not commercialized.

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Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands, spread over 180 acres and divided into four theme areas. This is one of the coziest family theme parks with very soothing Mozart soundtracks. So, here are seven reasons why Efteling should be on your family list.

1. The park is easy to get to

There are many easy ways to get to Efteling, which is about 90 minutes from Amsterdam. The Netherlands is a small country, so you can quickly get to the park from almost anywhere in it. Flights are available to Amsterdam from any capital of the world, wherever you are. Eindhoven Airport is even closer, where many low-cost airlines fly.

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2. Efteling is very beautiful

Opened in 1952, the park is located in the forest, has its own original character and natural surroundings. While walking along the forest paths, you will meet Hansel and Gretel, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, talking trees and charming scenes from fairy tales wherever you go. No matter how surreal some of the rides are, everything is designed to match the environment. You can admire the beauty of the Efteling by riding an old steam locomotive around the park, or by climbing up to a height of 50 meters on a special pavilion that offers incredible panoramic views.

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3. There is something for kids of all ages

Adult rides are also available, while young children will be delighted with dozens of quieter and more old-fashioned attractions based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson. Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies will also find something interesting here.

4. Fewer lines

Download the fantastic Efteling app on iOS or Android using free wi-fi and you can follow the queue in real time, planning your visit to this or that attraction in advance. If you stay at one of the Efteling hotels, you may be able to access earlier than the normal opening times. In addition, when booking a hotel, entrance to the park is included in the price.

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5. Great food

In many theme parks, the only choice of food is fast food with french fries. However, the Efteling park has many excellent top-class restaurants. From fabulous Dutch pancakes to waffles with strawberries and cream, to Thai curries. There really is something for everyone here at a very reasonable price.

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6. Hotels in Efteling

Efteling offers several different types of accommodation. You can stay in an elegant family room with bunk beds for children at the newly opened Loonsche Land Hotel, a 15-minute walk from the park. Also available are new cottages with an indoor pool in the elite village of Bosriyk.

7. Travel to Amsterdam

The Efteling theme park is great for a couple of nights. It offers the best of both worlds — lots of thrilling rides and a spirit of magic wrapped in an authentic old fashioned groove. Travel becomes even better when you combine it with a trip to Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands is only a couple of hours away by car or train. Be sure to book a boat tour to explore the canals of Amsterdam and visit the Kattenkabinet, a cat-themed art gallery with a few furry friends roaming around. The park is also suitable if you are looking for a suitable option for traveling around Amsterdam.