Underground cave restaurant Alux


The Alux Restaurant and Lounge is located in a natural cave deep underground. If you want to dine in an unusual place and plunge into the special atmosphere of the dungeon, this place will come in handy.

cave restaurant

The Alux Lounge Restaurant is open to tourists in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. But this space has been used by humans for over 10,000 years. The high-end restaurant, bar and lounge are located inside a natural underground cave, which gives everyone the opportunity to spend an evening among the stalactites and the ocean current passing through the cave.

underground restaurant
The restaurant serves upscale traditional Mexican food as well as pre-Hispanic dishes. In doing so, the chef aims to add an international contemporary touch to all of his creations. The bar serves wine stored in the cellar, which, thanks to the natural properties of the cave, has a special refined taste.

underground restaurant
The Alux Lounge Restaurant takes its name from the Alux, the mystical Mayan elves who, according to legend, come out in the moonlight and look for suitable places to hide. Considering the hidden location of the restaurant and ancient history, this is a very appropriate name.