Hut on wheels — a modern alternative to camping


Rolling Huts are a modern alternative to classic tents and camping trailers. Today, such solutions are extremely relevant, as many tourists are trying to choose for themselves just this way of traveling.

camping hut

Designed by Seattle-based architect Tom Kunig, The Rolling Huts is a contemporary alternative to the classic camping experience we’re all used to. Huts on Wheels are a group of six modern tiny homes that provide guests with the privacy of a campsite as well as the comfort of a hotel with incredible scenic views.

camping mobile home
Each hut is a steel box approximately 70 square meters in size, perched atop a platform of wood and steel. This design creates the feeling that the house is floating in the air. With an additional 80 square meters of deck space, these cabins are extremely conducive to outdoor living. Inside, luxurious platform beds, a full kitchenette, a toilet and even a wood-burning fireplace are built in. Despite such a tiny space, the hut on wheels is extremely practical and luxurious.

Stylish double-leaf sliding glass doors and a panel roof can withstand any kind of storm, fully protecting its residents from the elements. Such a house can be rented at a very reasonable price, which makes it an ideal alternative not only to a tent, but even to a hostel.