Plane crashes in unusual places


In 1908, pilot Orville Wright was injured and his passenger, Thomas Selfridge, died. It was the first documented air crash. Over the years, flying has become much safer. The photo below shows an accident during the First World War.

aircraft accidents

April 22, 1918 During an emergency landing attempt in downtown Oshawa, Canada, a Curtiss JN-4 ended up making a splash. The fact is that during the landing, the JN-4 got tangled in telephone wires and hung over the store, in which there were many people. Because of such a non-standard landing, not only the pilot survived, but also the people below.

unusual plane crashes

During World War I, plane crashes were common. The German LVGII was used for reconnaissance and for bombing. In this photograph, he was not pursuing a bombing target. This accident happened in 1917.

This photo was taken in 1926, in Australia, a suburb of Brisbane. This plane is the Supermarine Chaika aircraft. Looking at him, it was clear that he was incapable of making a successful landing, whether on water or simply on land.

1920 The aircraft carrying the parcels. During an emergency landing at the Waterford Barracks in Ireland, the plane crashed into the roofs of buildings.

plane crashes

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