Infiorata Flower Festival in Genzano


If you ever want to visit Italy, plan your trip in June and be sure to set aside a day to visit the bottom of the city of Genzano and see for yourself one of the most outstanding flower festivals in the world — the Infiorata Flower Festival
infiorata festival

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Every year in June, local artists cover the entire Belardo street with a huge floral carpet with various designs on a specific theme. It can be art, religion, sports and many other topics.

flower festival in genzano
For more than two centuries, since 1778, you can admire the wonderful works of talented artists for two days demonstrating their work on a specific topic, whether it is the art of Michelangelo or the projects of Bernini

After everyone sees this riot of bright colors, local children are allowed to destroy all these paintings in order to repeat this action exactly one year later.
infiorata festival in genzano

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