March 8 — the first holiday of spring


International Women’s Day is one of the brightest holidays of spring; on this day, men have long congratulated women. We decided to remember the past, show how it was done in the Soviet Union and congratulate our precious women in such an original way 🙂
March 8

Soviet agitation covered almost all spheres of life, March 8 is no exception. Many posters, calendars and postcards are dedicated to women. The main message is that women and men are equal!
March 8
Women on campaign posters were presented as active, working, civic conscious 🙂
And certainly happy, with soulful faces looking to the future
Thanks to Clara Zetkin, who gave birth to International Women’s Day, women began to fight for their rights and achieved equality with men in factories, factories and leadership positions.


A woman is no longer a housekeeper — she is an active builder of communism and a shock worker in production

March 8 was considered a holiday of working women, women — fighters for their rights.

March 8
«Down with kitchen slavery — you give a new way of life» — says one of the posters!
kitchen bondage

soviet poster

But at the same time, they did not forget that a woman is also a mother, the embodiment of tenderness, caring kindness.
woman mother
Happy holiday to you, dear girls and women 🙂

March 8