The problem of melting glaciers in the Arctic


To date, the rate of melting of the Arctic Ocean is reaching a very high level. The dramatic transformation of such a fragile environment is endangered by rare animal species such as the polar bear. As the sea ice melts at a furious pace, all sorts of new routes for ships are opening up, for which all kinds of maritime powers and major corporations have long been fighting.problem of melting glaciers

On May 8, 2012, loyd’s London published a report on the risks and consequences of a rapidly developing melting and immediate land grab in the Arctic.

melting glaciers

The local population and the environment obviously will not benefit, which cannot be said about the new «economic drivers» of the Arctic, who will obviously «pull» all possible minerals and other resources (oil, gas, fishing.)

Geopolitical relations between the eight circumpolar countries are under discussion. The issue of dividing the Arctic is very acute, because in order to come to an agreement, you need to get a positive answer from all countries that have their own “piece of the Arctic”. (Eight circumpolar countries Canada, Russia, USA, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.) China and Korea, north of the Arctic Circle, also hope to have influence on this issue.

As circumpolar forces become more active, the ability to operate safely in the Arctic is rapidly declining. This is evidenced by the example of the US Navy, which recently played a complex war game. Which later demonstrated that the fleet is completely unsuited to the polar environment.

Last year, eight circumpolar countries signed an agreement in which they pledged to cooperate in search of a solution to preserve the unique environment.

It should be noted that the presence of the Navy is not the worst thing that can happen in the Arctic. Let me remind the reader once again that the Arctic is a huge treasure trove of oil and gas, which is claimed by all neighboring countries, and none of them will miss their chance to fully immerse themselves in the extraction of this valuable raw material. Well, this is already a political economy aspect. As for the military exercises that periodically take place in the Arctic, this is the natural behavior of a country that wants to benefit — a reminder of itself and a demonstration of its possible superiority and power.

problem of melting glaciers

The Arctic “Great Game” is just unfolding, and all that is available to us now is to observe the events taking place in it from the outside. Whether the unique environment will be saved or the bloodthirsty neighboring countries will share its resources — time will tell.

melting glaciers