Unique art at the Bikaner Camel Festival


If you think that your stylist is a master of hairstyles and you won’t find a more talented person in the whole world, then take a close look at these photos. These masterpieces are made by Indian camel worshipers with scissors and a lot of patience.

art at the camel festival

Entry related to place: India

bikaner art

Every year, the desert city of Bikaner (Thar Desert), in India, the state of Rajasthan, organizes one of the most colorful events in the world — the Bikaner Camel Festival. This event takes place in January. Camels do not have to rest during the festival. The festival includes camel races, guests riding, and of course, a camel beauty contest.

Thousands of guests who flock to Bikaner eagerly await the camel race that takes place on the second day of the festival. But someone still considers the camel hairstyle contest to be more exciting. Well, everyone has different tastes and preferences. But one thing is clear: any guest will find something exciting for themselves in this exotic festival. During the hairstyle contest, participants carve unique geometric patterns from wool, paint camels in all sorts of colors, decorate them with different ribbons, and so on…

By visiting such a festival, you will plunge headlong into the culture and centuries-old traditions of the locals, feel the spirit of the desert peoples and, of course, get an unforgettable experience.