Vintage posters of an abandoned metro station


The London Underground is an incredible maze of underground railways, stations and halls. Abandoned passages, the number of which is not known, should be added to the number of active roads and halls. It is one of these passages that will be discussed.

vintage posters

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This place was already mentioned in passing in the article about abandoned metro stations, but here we will pay closer attention to the posters. Thanks to the modernization of Notting Hill Station, a series of vintage posters dating from 1956-1959 have been found. The posters were completely undamaged. They feature advertisements ranging from toothpaste to movie posters for Around the World in 80 Days and Horse’s Mouth.

vintage posters

The vintage collection was discovered in an abandoned elevator passage closed to the public after Notting Hill’s modernization in the late 1950s.

vintage posters

Found and photographed Mickey Ashworth’s collection: “We’ll leave them where they were. Probably the reason why they have survived to this day is their isolation from ourselves.

Notting Hill station opened in 1868 as part of an extension of the Metropolitan Railway from Paddington to Gloucester Road. The central platforms of the line are at a deep level, which are accessed through the elevator shafts. That’s where the posters were found. Perhaps not all of the vintage pieces have been found on this site yet, but it’s very intriguing to think there’s a place deep in the bowels of London where David Niven’s, Rita Hayworth’s et al’s ‘latest work’ is still touted.

abandoned metro station posters