Eco-friendly city of the future — Masdar in the UAE


I present to you the city of the future. An environmentally friendly city called Masdar in the UAE

The entry is related to the place: United Arab Emirates

The Emirates create a new ecological dimension. Near Abu Dhabi will be the world’s first city with zero carbon emissions — Masdar City. It is not easy to imagine a city without cars, where schools, buildings and offices will be supplied with electricity from solar energy. The city will be built on an area of ​​6 square kilometers and will be home to 45,000 to 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses. These will be primarily factories specializing in environmentally friendly products, and more than 60,000 workers will commute to the city every day. Cars will be banned here! It will be possible to move only with the help of electric public transport. The city will be oriented to the northeast to minimize the amount of direct sunlight that hits the windows of buildings — this will reduce the need to turn on air conditioners on hot days. Solar panels and solar collectors will be installed on rooftops, generating enough electricity to meet most of Masdar City’s needs.

city ​​of Masdar
This project at first glance seems futuristic and unrealistic, but in fact there are many such projects, and someday they will certainly be implemented, for example, the flying gardens of the future, no less ambitious idea

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