The 14th of February. St. Valentine’s Day


It has long been believed that the patron saint of all lovers is St. Valentine, a Roman priest-doctor who was executed in 269 exactly on February 14 for his spiritual and religious beliefs. Since then, the planet has been honoring Saint Valentine

Valentine's Day

You can read more about how this holiday appeared in the article «The Feast of Lovers». Here I will talk about the invariable attributes of this magnificent holiday.

First Valentine

The first Valentine was created by Duke Charles of Orleans in 1415, who was in prison. the fact is that he missed his wife very much and constantly wrote love letters to her. Valentines became more popular a little later — in the 18th century.

Today, a «valentine» is a small heart-shaped card with wishes or secret declarations of love. the recipient must guess who it is from

When it comes to flowers, the rose certainly takes the first place, as it is considered a symbol of love. Chocolate sweets-hearts, bright romantic figurines-cupids, all kinds of hearts, and many, many things that just might come to mind are also very relevant.

Hearts for the holiday can be sewn, sculpted, painted, knitted and baked

  • The official symbols of Valentine’s Day are cooing doves and hearts pierced by Cupid’s arrows.

Don’t part with your loved ones!
Don’t part with your loved ones!
Don’t part with your loved ones!
Grow in them with all your blood —
And every time forever say goodbye!
And every time forever say goodbye
And say goodbye every time.
When you leave for a moment!

Happy Valentine’s Day
Intoxicated, illuminated
wonderful feelings,
The most powerful.
May God keep you apart
Enjoy eternal happiness!