Unusual places to celebrate the New Year


Not long to wait for the New Year and we all prepared to celebrate it in different ways — someone at home with family, someone with friends somewhere far from home … From this collection you will learn about the most unusual places to celebrate the New Year!

New Year 2011

So, let’s start from the place where the celebration of the New Year is not only unusual, but also completely illogical, although there are people who are interested in celebrating New Year’s Eve in this way) We are talking about celebrating the New Year in a caravan crossing the Sahara Desert! What is needed for this? Just order a budget desert tour in Morocco (10 days — about $400) and rent a camel, and the desert itself will take care of the rest. Spend some time reflecting on the past year, and then celebrate the New Year as loudly as you can, without being afraid to disturb anyone, because there is only sand around …


If meeting the New Year in a noisy company is not for you, you can tidy up the house … This is what the inhabitants of Scottish Edinburgh do every Christmas Eve. What for? It turns out that such a «celebration» is dictated by the long-standing Scottish tradition of entering the New Year «fresh», rid of everything unnecessary that bothered last year, with the hope that the coming year will be better than the outgoing one.


That is why the Scots first thoroughly clean their houses, and then send boys into the city with sheepskins. They go from house to house singing traditional Gaelic tunes and beating the sheepskin with a stick. Fortunately, if all this traditional beating is boring — there are many parties on the streets of Scotland, connected, first of all, with the annual removal of the public ban on drinking alcohol only for this night) Thus, you can «celebrate» the New Year until 6 o’clock in the morning


The New Year is celebrated even more strangely in Venezuela… How do you usually prepare for the New Year? Stock up on food and drink, buy gifts, maybe take a shower, etc. Venezuelans at this time put on their best yellow underwear — this is due to the fact that in Venezuela yellow is considered the color of wealth and the locals sincerely believe that such a «tradition» will certainly bring them good luck in the coming year)


Do you want to celebrate the New Year in some magical place? In this case, Goa, the smallest state of India, washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea, may suit you. The climate here is humid, dirty and generally disgusting for half a year, but around October everything calms down and the plants grow very quickly to incredible sizes, which makes Goa look like some kind of fairy garden until April, when the next «rainy» period begins. It is not surprising that at this time hippies and simply tourists flock here from all over the world in search of a «New Year’s» fairy tale.


The hottest place to celebrate the New Year is, of course, the small island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. January temperatures in this remote corner of our planet reach 80 degrees Celsius, so diving and swimming are the main «New Year’s» activities here, and swimming trunks / shorts or a swimsuit are quite suitable as a festive costume)


Do you like to celebrate the New Year loudly? Then you have a direct road to Japan! If you immediately imagined crowds of Japanese counting down the last seconds of the outgoing year with champagne in your hand, then you were a little mistaken) In fact, in Japan there is a tradition to celebrate the new year with the ringing of bells, and not small bells, but huge temple bells. On New Year’s Eve, every Japanese temple rings its bells 108 times! Imagine what a ringing rises when, in an instant, thousands of temples scattered across the islands begin to beat the bells …


Not enough time to fully celebrate the New Year? Go to China) Although it is worth recalling that the New Year celebrations in China begin only on February 14 (and not on December 31, as we are used to) and last 15 days! During this period of time, all of China is illuminated with red lanterns, and colorful demonstrations roll through the streets in waves. The day before the start of the celebration, Chinese families gather for a massive food banquet, after which everyone chooses for themselves any red item that they must wear for the entire 15 days of celebration …


Another Asian country popular with tourists at the end of December is Thailand, in the capital of which, Bangkok, you can celebrate the New Year according to three traditions at once — Western, Chinese and Thai!


The world’s largest New Year’s party is held in Brazil, on the 4-kilometer Copacabana beach (Rio de Janeiro) and is second in size only to the Brazilian annual Carnival) Last year, the main guest of the New Year’s celebrations in Brazil was Madonna — this event gathered more than 2 million people dressed in all white and this is not the limit!


Imagine a real live white sea moving to the beat of the music with burning lighters and mobile phone screens, which has no end and edge, add to this a lot of fireworks, continuous dancing and the atmosphere of a carnival — the result will be the most spectacular New Year’s party in the world!

Rio de Janeiro

Another famous place for celebrating the New Year is New York’s Times Square, which has gained worldwide fame for the mass and spectacular festivities.

New York

More than a million people come to watch the traditional descent of the crystal ball, accompanied by fireworks, announcing the beginning of the new year!

crystal ball

If you like fireworks (and few people don’t), New Year’s Eve in Australia is just for you! After all, the Australians are the first on our planet to celebrate the coming year, and in order not to lose face, Sydneysiders roll up such a fireworks show against the backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, which has no equal in scale and beauty anywhere else in the world! You will find more beautiful photos of festive fireworks in the photo post New Year’s fireworks


It all starts on December 31 at 13.00 with a shot of a cannon installed in the bay, and does not stop until the morning of January 1


New Year

Last year, the Sydney authorities spent more than $5 million on the New Year’s fireworks show, and almost a million locals and tourists took part in the New Year’s celebration — let’s see what happens this year)

Harbor Bridge

The best place to celebrate the New Year in the UK is, of course, the Thames embankment in the London Eye, where last year about a million people also gathered for a fascinating fireworks show.

London Eye

Some fireworks are launched directly from the capsule cabins of the ferris wheel


In fact, there are still many places in the world that gather such huge crowds of people for the New Year, for example, the Berlin Brandenburg Gate, or rather June 17 Street right behind them, on which cheerful celebrations with fireworks do not stop all night from December 31 to January 1, light shows, dancing and beer)


Fireworks against the backdrop of the sculptural group crowning the Brandenburg Gate



The most romantic place to celebrate the New Year is the Champs-Elysées in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower dressed in festive «attire» (during the holiday, the lighting of the tower changes dramatically, which is facilitated by the modern luminescence installed on it) and thousands of fireworks flying over it …


Well, the most frenzied New Year’s parties are held, of course, in Las Vegas on the seven-kilometer Strip Boulevard, where hundreds of thousands of people gather on the evening of December 31 in order to spend the Old Year and meet the New as unforgettable as possible!

Las Vegas

In addition to the above, there are still plenty of interesting places to celebrate the New Year — no one forbids meeting it, for example, in a secluded house somewhere deep in the mountains, or somewhere else in nature. Where to celebrate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 is up to you, but we want this event to be remembered by something good, unforgettable, and next year your most secret dreams come true! Happy New Year!

New Year 2011