April 22: International Earth Day


Few people know that today is the official Earth Day, introduced 40 years ago. This day was founded in order to draw the attention of the world community to global problems that are growing every year.

Earth Day

Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in much greater danger than ever. The problem of environmental pollution is now more acute than ever. Despite the fact that people have the opportunity to build a healthy and environmentally friendly society, we continue to follow the easy path. US Senator Gaylord Nelson, who founded the day in 1970, predicted future problems in an attempt to strengthen respect for the environment in the hearts of people. Here’s what the unofficial Earth Day flag looks like:

What picture do we see now? The use of organic food has almost halved even compared to last year. Technology is now so cheap that it’s easier to buy a new item than to fix an old one — as a result, there are now more mobile phones in India than public toilets.

Imagine that there was a volcanic eruption, and we have no way to import products from other countries? Maybe even then we would remember that we can produce our own food, we can repair our household appliances, clothes?

It was a small digression, but now let’s get back to the main thing — today Earth Day, it’s time to pay attention first of all to yourself, start small. What can we do to make the planet cleaner?
earth day

The most relevant call for our realities: Try to leave as little garbage as possible, try not to buy products in plastic packaging, and if you do, throw them in special containers for further processing. After you leave for nature, take the garbage with you and throw it in a special place

Buy food from local farmers, try to eat as much locally grown food as possible. When buying products, carry them in your container (you can buy a special bag for this) instead of buying new packages every time
International Earth Day

Try to move more on a bicycle or on foot, try to use less energy and water

This polluting consumer society can’t last forever, it’s time to make changes to our way of life. This has already been taken care of in 190 countries where environmental issues are covered in one way or another, and where Earth Day 2010 is held, let’s join them — let’s have Earth Day every day 🙂
Happy Earth Day