Chinese balls are riddles. Rubik’s cube of the ancient world


For centuries, Chinese arts and crafts have been known throughout the world for their incredible beauty and grace. If one were to choose a single object that best describes Chinese attention to detail, it would, of course, be the ivory puzzle ball.

puzzle balls from china

Chinese puzzle balls are decorative objects that consist of several concentric spheres, each of which rotates freely, but is cut from the same piece of material as the previous ones.

puzzle balls from china

You can find puzzle balls made from synthetic ivory, resin, wood, jade, and other materials. These pieces of art usually consist of 3 to 7 layers, and the world’s largest puzzle ball is made from 42 concentric balls.

Chinese balls are puzzles so delicate that they can only be carved by hand. Even the slightest flick of the wrist can rip apart their fragile, inner layers.