Kew Gardens Trail by Marks Barfield


When we get immersed in our daily routines and try to overcome the challenges of our busy lifestyles, it’s quite easy to forget the importance of trees and nature. Fortunately, thanks to incredible projects like the Kew Gardens Treetop Trail in London, we have a chance to learn about the key role trees play in our lives. In Kew Gardens, you can walk along the treetop trail, over 20 meters high.

Entry related to location: London

This stunning walkway was designed by architect Marks Barfield and blended harmoniously into the natural setting of a London park. In addition, to pay tribute to the endless ingenuity of nature, the architects used the mathematical fibonacci sequence to develop a unique project, equipping ligaments and passages in the manner of the Fibonacci grid.

The space directly below the trail is used as an exhibition space to educate visitors about the biology of tree roots, the relationship between tree roots and microorganisms, and climate change and its impact on our environment.

The trail is supported in the air by a series of concrete piles 15 to 20 meters high. These piles were very thinly placed so as not to damage the extensive root system that covers the entire area of ​​Kew Gardens.

The treetop trail sways in the wind just like thin tree branches, adding to the thrill of climbing to the top of a giant pine tree and sitting on it. Those who are not afraid of heights should visit Kew Gardens to discover new and interesting horizons.