Reliable Internet Connection: 9 Benefits of a DataGroup Provider


Today, users are more demanding of the Internet than a couple of years ago. Surfing the net and chatting on forums is no longer enough. With the explosive growth in the number of smart gadgets and their improvement, the requirements for the quality of the Internet connection have also increased.


People are looking for a provider that can provide reliable and stable connectivity for entertainment and online learning, online gaming and home office, the ability to store and post thousands of photos, and stream in real time.

A connection that “does not pull” is not needed by anyone. Taking into account the requests of home users and business clients, the Datagroup Internet provider in Dnipro offers dozens of different services. There are several connection technologies in the operator’s portfolio. With them, you can organize stable uninterrupted access to the network in any area of ​​the city and suburbs.

For 20 years, Datagroup has grown into the largest Ukrainian operator of digital services and fixed communications. Today the company is a leading national provider of telecommunications services in the fixed broadband Internet market.

The success of the operator is due to the constant introduction of new technologies and modernization of networks. Datagroup is recognized as the fastest growing Ukrainian company in 2020. The Business publication named the provider the best operator that adapted the business to the conditions of quarantine restrictions. At the same time, the company maintained its business activity and even expanded its business during the crisis. The quality and reliability of the provider was rated by more than 200 largest Ukrainian companies and 98% of banks. The operator’s portfolio includes dozens of working solutions for household users and businesses of any size and line of business.

  • The company has its own fiber-optic network, which includes, among other things, the FTTx families (optical backbone networks that allow the subscriber to get broadband Internet, telephone, digital television broadcasting).

  • For private users, Datagroup offers telephony, television and reliable Internet connection services.

  • The company’s specialists organize access to the Internet, regardless of the client’s territorial location.

  • When connected, technologies such as cable Ethernet and xPON are used.

  • Datagroup is the only Ukrainian provider of satellite communication services, which allows organizing stable access to the Internet in areas where there are no cable networks and even mobile communications.

  • In addition to Internet access, the provider organizes traditional and IP telephony services, connection of cable or OTT television.

  • Depending on the region, more than 80 television channels are at the service of subscribers, including national, children’s, sports, and educational ones. And also Viasat channels and interactive TV with access to 140+ domestic and foreign TV channels, a collection of series, animated films, documentaries and feature films.

  • The operator strives to facilitate business processes as much as possible and offers the construction of corporate networks, cybersecurity, access to banking services, protection against DDoS attacks, the Internet, telephony and television, outsourcing of contact centers, data center services and cloud services.

  • Datagroup provides network coverage in more than 90 settlements of Ukraine.

The provider constantly develops and implements modern services and services. The main advantage of the operator is in customer focus. The company tries to take into account the needs of all customers (household consumers and private entrepreneurs, medium and large businesses) and offer everyone the most beneficial services and technologies.